Winegrowing in the Westhoek

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Heuvelland is officially recognized as a wine-growing area. This means that the wine of the different wine-makers is
thoroughly monitored and checked. If they satisfy the required standards, they are awarded an ‘appellation contrôlée’ label of quality. Heuvelland has been producing BOB wine (BOB is the Dutch abbreviation for ‘protected designation of origin’) since 2005. There are vineyards in seven of the eight villages that together make up the municipality of Heuvelland.

Viticulture is a tourist attraction and is therefore of significant economic importance. What’s more, this value is
sustainable: wine-growing is a traditional process based on natural raw materials.
Many catering outlets already have Heuvelland wine on their wine cards. Our region also offers numerous possibilities
for overnight stays, while regional products are often available for sale at local festivals, fetes and events. Many wine-growers also organize visits and guided tours of their vineyards.

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